Workout Wednesday

Today’s workout of the day is a high intensity body weight circuit.  Perform each exercise for 1 minute, and repeat the circuit 3 times through. Monitor your heart rate with an external device, or tune into your rate of perceived exertion.  You should experience peaks in your heart rate that will push you from a fat burning zone (Zone 1-3) to a sugar burning zone (Zone 4).  You know that you have entered zone 4 if and when you become breathless and you can only sustain the intensity of the exercise for short periods of time.  Zone 4 is uncomfortable, but that’s where the magic happens so lean into the discomfort and know that it only lasts for a short period of time. Allow for your heart rate to recover to a normal level before starting up the next circuit of exercises.  These short bursts will ensure that your body continues to burn calories well after you are done working out (who doesn’t want that?)  This program is designed to include total body dynamic movement, with isolation as follows: 1. Upper body 2. Lower body 3. Cardio 4. Core

Try it out and modify the exercises any way that you may need for your own physical circumstances; and listen to your body throughout!

No equipment is needed! (45 min total time) Complete a quick 5 min dynamic warm up to loosen your joints, heat up the muscles and prevent injury. (ie. walking, cycling, total body movements that incorporate multiple joints and large ranges of motion) Set a timer for 1 minute for each exercise- Here we go!

1. push ups 2. prisoner squats 3. standing mountain climbers 4. seated V-up crunches (Repeat 3x) REST

1. plank walks (from low plank to high push up position) 2. alternating reverse lunges 3. burpees (high or low impact) 4. russian twists from a C-sit position (Repeat 3x) REST

1. tricep dips 2. wall squat 3. tuck jumps (full or half tuck) 4. front plank with side plank rotations STRETCH x 5 mins You did it! You’re on your way to a fitter and stronger version of yourself =)

Feedback is always welcome – so once you have given it a try if you have questions on any exercises or are unclear on modifications please inquire below.  If you would prefer pictures/video in future posts please let me know.  Next week’s workout will include light weights and resistance bands, so stay tuned!

Stay healthy my friends, Shelly

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