What is Wellness?

Wellness takes on a different meaning in every person’s life.  In general, it encompasses an individual’s total health as it relates to their mind, body, and spirit.  The Wellness Warrior Wheel has been created as a visual to show how all the different areas of your life come together to form your whole true essence and being.  It allows you to reflect and evaluate every aspect of yourself, and identify any areas that you may be neglecting more than others. I invite you to take some time to assess each category and rank your satisfaction level.  Are there areas of your life that you would like to dedicate more time and attention to?


I use this evaluation tool with clients to focus and create goals for themselves.  It fosters inspiration and opportunity for growth, while taking ownership and accountability over every aspect of your life. The intention is to utilize your own self reflection as a way to ignite positive change and inspire action.

It is incredibly rewarding to dedicate time and energy to improving your life’s balance in a way that will serve you and your individual values and goals.  You may be very strong in one area of your life, but in need of some growth and development in other areas.  Having a good foundation to build upon is very important to optimizing your overall vitality and happiness.  By building up your body’s resilience within the health and wellness department,  you end up a better version of yourself to give more to others.  This could in turn benefit your professional career, relationships,  your family, your community, etc.  Ultimately, the more you give…the more you receive, so your efforts all come back to you full circle in the end.

If you have taken the time to evaluate your own wellness utilizing the Wellness Warrior Wheel, you likely have identified a few areas that you desire to work on.  You may be unclear on what specific changes you would like to make and how to incorporate them into your routine.  No worries! That is what I am here for =) I have created a program that really helps you to dissect your current habits, lifestyle routines, and reorient you according to your specific goals.  I call it the Free in 15.  You can work with me as your wellness coach one-on-one, or you can opt to progress through the program on your own with resources like a Facebook Group for community support.  Whatever your style and comfort level is, I encourage you to start making strides in the direction of your goals today! You possess the ultimate control and are the creator of the life that you live in; so if you want to see change, you have to be the change.

Please know that I am a resource that is available to you for whatever it is that you may need. I create a space that is compassionate, non-judgmental and accepting to every individual; and I would be happy to partner with you along your journey.

The Free in 15 program and e-book will be released very soon, so stay tuned! For more now, you can reach me at: Shelly@healthiswellth.org In Happiness & Health,


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