NO excuses in November…

We are all coming down from the sugar high that Halloween brings our way; and we are kicking off the holiday season. This is a time when tempting baked goods make their way into the office, holiday parties are in full swing, and we are caught up in a whirl-wind of excuses and indulgences.  It is easy to make an exception for someone’s birthday, wedding, or work party – but in that case you will always be able to find an excuse to let go of your priorities.  Fast-forward to January 1st, when you are right back to that familiar place of getting “back on the wagon.”  First of all…who rides in a wagon anyways? Let’s get with the times and talk about getting back onto the bike, surfboard, or Ferrari – shall we?

Before we let the next two months completely get away from us, take a minute to set your intentions.  Where do you want to be 2 months from now?  What are your priorities and how can you plan to get there?  Preparation and planning are very important to taking a proactive approach in your life.

The projection you have for yourself will likely look different from everyone else’s…at least I sure hope so! (Wouldn’t it be really boring if everyone tried to be the same? Dare to be different) Doing what is right for you is extremely important; so don’t base your goals on an external influence.  Perhaps this holiday season, you want to be better about connecting with family and friends without obsessing over food.  Maybe being truly present and grateful in every moment is something that would contribute more value to your life.  -OR- What if you frequently fall victim to tempting desserts and social snacking?  After consuming one glass of wine, your inhibitions go out the window and you swear you could devour the entire cheese and cracker platter.  This year you would like to take a different approach so that you don’t find yourself packing on extra pounds and swimming in guilt. -OR- Last year was really strict for you, and you felt like you didn’t really get to enjoy any of the delicious dishes that were presented to you at parties.  You abstained completely and were miserable in social situations that really tested your will power.  It would be great if this year you could find a balance so that you don’t feel imprisoned by your desire to be healthy ALL the time.

I am not here to tell you that any of these thoughts are right or wrong.  As long as you are clear on your intentions from the beginning,  the better prepared you will be to succeed.  It is when we make decisions that are not in alignment with our goals that we are filled with guilt, regret, and shame.  And what does that ultimately lead to?  Stuffing our face with 3 brownies in order to comfort and numb the pain – quickly followed up by more shame.

So my advice is to really reflect on your goals and vision for yourself going into the holiday season.  I encourage you to write them down where you can frequently come back and reflect on them! Visualize, describe, and get clear on where you want to be on January 1st; and then allow your actions to follow suit.

After you are done writing down your goals, take a minute to develop some action steps and strategies.  You have visualized WHAT you want…now dig deeper and determine HOW you are going to do it…and continue connecting to WHY you would like to be a certain way.  Make a commitment to yourself and then plan to follow through.

I have pledged that in November, I will be making NO excuses.  There will be NO negative self talk; and I will stay connected to my visions and let them guide my decisions.   


If so, make it official!  Connect with me and others just like you on social media. I would love to hear what your pledge is to yourself this month. #noexcusesNOvember

In Happiness & Health,


p.s. Stay tuned for the upcoming blog that will be addressing the topic of Body Image

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