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Have you ever felt like… -You don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done -You do your best to eat healthy, and exercise regularly but you still can’t seem to reach your goals -You go through your day on auto-pilot, subjected to one obligation after the next -You are stuck in a job that you don’t enjoy -You are victim to the judgments and comments of others, and perhaps even your own negative self-talk -You are not living the life that you imagined for yourself -You are frequently stressed out, which affects your relationships and quality of life -You are not living up to your full potential -You set goals for yourself but have a hard time achieving them -You want to learn how to lead a healthier lifestyle, but with all of the information that is floating around you don’t know who to trust -You have been cheated by the healthcare system; and aside from its steep costs, you feel that your doctors haven’t done everything in their power to help you -You spend a lot of time focusing on either the past or the future, and end up missing out on what is right in front of you in the moment -You want to change…

Maybe one of these feelings resonates with you.  Perhaps all  of them have at one point in time crossed your mind!  I can tell you that I have been in this position before, leaving me feeling helpless, dis-empowered, and out of control.  As humans, it is our purpose on this earth to not only survive, but to thrive!  I can admit that for many years I was operating in survival mode, reacting to everything that got thrown my way.  While in school, all I focused on was what I needed to do to get an A on the next school exam, work to put food on the table (regardless of what quality it was), keep to a schedule and not miss class, all while having a comfortable spot to sleep at night.  When entering the working world, you are quickly overwhelmed with a plethora of new responsibilities including bills, work schedules, demanding bosses, etc.  It is the tendency of many to become a slave to their to-do list and to conform to societal norms in order to do what is expected of us.  In order to fit into your role, you must speak with a certain tone, dress a certain way, and follow a host of rules.

So with this generalization in mind, let me ask… At what point in time do we lose site of our own visions for our life?  How about our goals and aspirations?   When do many of us lose touch with our inner voice, our flare, our passions and unique personality?  Is there a way to switch ourselves out of “reaction” mode so that we can take a more proactive and preventative approach to life?  Why does our health take a backseat to our 9-5 job (or 2nd and 3rd job we have on top of that), our family obligations, our social commitments?…the list goes on and on!

-Deep breath- I don’t claim to have all of the answers to these questions. However, I have enough curiosity to ask them!  So let’s get curious.  What would it look like if you started living the life of your dreams? How much better equipped would you be to chase those dreams if you prioritized your health and wellness? Do you know what your unique gifts and talents are? Are you aware of what lights you up inside and fuels your passion?  For the longest time, I wasn’t aware – or at least I had been too busy trying to be what everyone else expected of me that I lost site of who the real ME is.


So how do we embark on this path?  One of the main things that I have learned through this process is that many of the struggles we are experiencing from day to day boil down to choice. We have the power to choose!  Yet so many of us feel handcuffed by our external environment that we lose control over our inner world.  When was the last time that you just sat in silence and listened to your inner voice?  What your body needs? What your soul is calling for?  I think that you would be surprised to find that if you take the time to tune into your higher self that the answers are all there, waiting to be uncovered.

So if you want to lead a happier and healthier life…choose to! If you want to spend more time with your family…create the time.  We all operate on the same 24 hours; and there is always a solution or strategy for finding the time that you don’t think you have. If you want to change jobs and pursue your dreams…draw it up and go for it! If you want to pick up that old hobby that used to make you lose track of time and enter into a “flow” state of happiness…what are you waiting for? (Spoken like a true idealist right?)

I want to empower all of you to take control of your life.  It may feel scary, like being in un-chartered waters…but that makes life worth living.  When was the last time that you really leaned into your fear and overcame it? Some of life’s biggest accomplishments and greatest memories are the ones where we look fear in the face and then barrel through it to get to the other side.  So here again we choose… Forget Everything And Run OR Face Everything And Rise

If you are inspired and want to begin making some changes in your life…I am here for you. Having a support system helps to create the environment for success and prosperity. I want to help foster your growth and development, and guide you along your journey to achieving your own personal freedom.  We are all on our own journey in life, creating our stories that will eventually be left behind.  Do you want to write that story, foraging your own path? Or be a victim in a maze, not knowing where you will end up?

The choice yours!  I hope that you choose today that you are ready to own your own story and be the creator of your dreams.

It is my mission to help you claim your “health as your wellth” so that you can proceed through life as the best version of you.  For guidance and support along your journey, join the network of Wellness Warriors who are using the Free in 15 principles to help optimize their human potential.  This blueprint, accompanied by coaching and professional advice will create the environment for success.  For more information, or to get started today visit:

May the choice be with you =)

In Happiness & Health,


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