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Are you a Zombie? Take the reigns on your health

Becoming an advocate for your health is one of the most empowering things that you can do for yourself.  It is scary how many individuals are walking around like zombies, completely disconnected from their bodies.  I have heard countless stories of people visiting their medical doctor with a collection of symptoms, just to be slapped with a diagnosis and a prescription to take a pill.  Trust me…I’ve been there too.  Our conventional medical system is proficient at telling us WHAT we have, but it is often overlooking or sidestepping the WHY.

There is a root cause for all symptoms…and you should always be asking yourself and your doctor the why behind it. If a medical professional is unable to provide you with a sound explanation that connects the dots for you, perhaps you should be asking yourself a different question… Is this doctor a good fit for you? How much trust do you have in their expertise? Should you consider getting a second opinion? 

Our healthcare system is more and more resembling a sick care system.  It puts a band-aid over the problem, keeps you coming back for countless follow ups, and makes sure that your insurance companies are feeding their pockets.  There is never going to be a magic silver bullet to take that is going to cure you without some side effect or compromise. So again, I question… Where is the problem truly coming from? Why did it start in the first place? How may I have contributed to my symptoms manifesting? What in my environment may have caused this to occur?

THEN you can ask yourself what it is that you can do to take control and begin healing the root(s) of the problem.  Yes…this process takes more time and energy to peel away the layers and uncover the cause; which is why our medical system preys on the desire for a quick fix.  I encourage you to begin changing your consumer mentality and become your own #1 health advocate. How many of you have heard a persistent three year old child ask “But why?” over and over again?  They want answers…and they will not settle until they are satisfied.  We should all adopt this attitude when it comes to our health.  Ask questions!  Don’t get rushed out the door and save all of your curiosities for the Google machine.  Get answers; and then be prepared to take accountability for the actions necessary to heal yourself from inside-out.  Patience may be required, as true healing takes time.

This post is intended to be more than just a rant; and does not suggest to place blame on our Healthcare system OR you.  My goal is to challenge your thinking and shift your paradigm as it relates to the way we consume information and seek answers to our health struggles.  True change needs to come from within..and that begins with taking accountability for the questions that we ask and the answers that we are willing to listen to. (Consider the alternative to be living in a zombie apocalypse).


If you are seeking a health care professional who values your health and wellness, I invite you to connect with me!  I aim to build a partnership with you to help you find the answers to your questions, dig up the roots of your ailments, and foster your healing with resilience and vitality.

In Happiness & Health,


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