Mamaste Strong

MAMASTE – Mama + Namaste’

Namaste’ signifies that: “The light in me acknowledges the light in you.”
This represents balance and harmony, which I believe we all strive for

in some capacity. It also acknowledges that we as women are in this



STRONG – Strength as it relates to mind, body, and soul  ( or SOL ) 

The challenges and triumphs of motherhood extend beyond just physical.  
Yes, it involves fitness in regards to movement and activity, as well as
we put IN our bodies to fuel and nourish it.
It also includes m
ental fitness for a strong and supporting mindset in order to maximum clarity, resilience, and adaptability. It extends even further to include emotional fitness and well-being for fulfillment and a passion-filled life.


My WHY for committing to a “Mamaste Strong” lifestyle is simple: LOVE and LIFE.

I am a believer in the universal power of LOVE; and my hope is that by creating an authentic space for women to step into their true essence that we will all feel more loved, create more love, and spread more love.

I also believe that every person should be spending their precious time on this planet living their best LIFE. This will look different from one person to the next; but  I personally strive to FEEL my best and in turn also LOOK my best.

Feeling my best:  This is comprised of the food that I nourish my body with, my relationships and the people that I choose to spend my time with, the movement that I choose for my body, the quality of my sleep and other restorative practices, the information that I consume, the mindset that I nurture, my daily rituals or what activities I participate in during my free time, the contribution that I have in my community, my spiritual connection and my sense of purpose etc. 

What can you expect from Mamaste Strong?

This is not geared toward helping woman achieve a perfect physique or strive for some ridiculous standard that we have placed on ourselves to uphold as mothers. Mamaste Strong is about striking a healthy balance in your life when it comes to overall wellness. It encourages every person to find their own unique expression of wellness and fitness that works for them. There is no room for competition and comparison; rather an offering of grace and compassion to each and every woman who sets an intention to focus on herself and work toward something that is more harmonious.   

This is about creating a space that is encouraging and empowering for women to live their best lives. It’s about stripping down the barriers that pop up in daily life, getting real with ourselves and each other, and creating solutions that will help us to be more successful as we work toward being our best selves and living our most fulfilling lives. 
If we can fill in the gaps that exist and that typically break us down over time, we will have a greater capacity to live and give from a place of wholeness: for ourselves, for our families and friends, for our community and careers.

REAL TALK- a shame and judgment free forum to share, and provide a snapshot into the life of a new mom. 

FITNESS – short and sweet Youtube videos that provide comprehensive workouts for moms to slip into their day whenever they get a few moments to dedicate to themselves. Workouts will range from Bootcamp style, to invigorating Yoga flows, to fun Dance routines, to Restorative stretching practices

NUTRITION  – I will share different nutrition ideas and inspirations that cater to busy moms who still want to prioritize nourishing their body

COMMUNITY – Connection with other women who are looking for support and are willing to join a group of empowering individuals along this lifelong journey. Being a mom is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs. We are not alone, so let's do this together! 

Just as we are in constant evolution, so will this platform. I have set the intention to be open and adaptable to what is current in my life as well as the feedback and demands from the community we build. Your feedback is encouraged and welcomed to evolve and grow this on behalf of all women!

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